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Intense School MyCAA $6000 Program Featured in Operation Homefront Online

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Publish Date:
September 23, 2009

$6,000 for Your Education - MyCAA Pays Off
Air Force wife Krista Parrish was caught between a rock and a hard place. She needed to earn a degree so she could earn a bigger pay check. Yet, she knew that she would have to use that very same salary increase to pay back the student loans she would rack up in the process. But ever since a fellow military spouse told her about My Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA), Krista has found her way out of this conundrum --with no strings attached.

“The $6,000 financial assistance from MyCAA will be enough to pay for eight classes, and that’s truly a blessing,” said Parrish, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health care management online at American Military University.

She already has enough student loans, she said.

“MyCAA money carries no interest and doesn’t have to be paid back,” she said. “And I won’t be among hundreds or thousands of applicants competing for the money.”

You’ll be approved for the money if you’re married to an active-duty Department of Defense member, activated member of the National Guard and Reserve (from alert or warning order until 180 days after demobilization), severely injured, ill, wounded, killed in action, and prisoner of war or missing in action.

Nearly 58,000 of your fellow military spouses worldwide set up accounts at between March 1 and mid-August 2009, according to Eileen Lainez, spokeswoman for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Of these, more than 25,000 spouses are enrolled in training and education programs using MyCAA financial assistance paid directly to educational institutions.

The goal was to help spouses develop portable careers. The funds apply to approved fields of study, such as financial services, health care, education, construction and information technology. And for many of them, like Navy husband John Winger, the timing has been perfect.

“This is the type of training companies used to pay for but are now cutting from their budgets,” said Winger, who recently completed the seven-day training and passed the test for becoming a certified information systems security professional (CISSP) through IntenseSchool. “Some people take out loans for this type of industry-recognized certification. I never would have paid the $3,200 for myself because I just don’t have that kind of money lying around.”

Winger could have completed his bachelor’s degree using MyCAA. However, he opted for the more immediate financial payoff of combining his 10 years of information technology experience with obtaining the professional certification.

“The whole process only took a few weeks, and I could start earning more money for my family right away,” said Winger, who served seven years in the Air Force.

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