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Intense School has been providing accelerated certification boot camps for IT and IT security professionals since 1997. Intense School holds Network Security, Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco Boot Camps that offer certification in less time and at less cost than traditional training methods. Intense School's boot camps are all-inclusive - we provide hotel accommodations and lunch, comprehensive training and testing all in one location. Intense School takes care of you so you can focus on studying for your certification exams.

Most of our students come to Intense School because they simply do not have the time to study and pass certification exams on their own or through traditional local training centers. Intense School's clients include many Fortune 500 companies and Government Agencies who send their employees to our boot camps to increase their skill-sets. At Intense School, we have a proven track record, with the highest passing rates in the industry.    

Our boot camps are the brainchild of veteran IT professionals - system engineers, administrators, technical trainers and writers. Intense School's trainers have hands-on experience in preparing networking professionals for certification exams. In fact, our trainers have authored leading certification study guides. We have developed a training and certification solution that provides real results in an economical and expedient manner.

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