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VMware QUAD Certification Boot Camp

Intense School's Authorized VMware Quad Certification Boot Camp:
VCA Cloud Management & Automation
VCA Network Virtualization
VCA Desktop & Mobility

This Boot Camp is a 7-day accelerated, in-depth course that can help IT professionals build a foundation in important virtualization concepts. The VCP-DCV certification is for technology professionals who install, deploy, scale and manage VMware vSphere environments.


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Information about this course:

This course is offered as:

  • Classroom Instructor-led Boot Camp
  • Live Online Instructor-led Boot Camp
  • Mentored Self-Paced Online
  • Streaming-Only Self-Paced Online

Course Highlights
  • High Pass Rates - Exam Pass Guarantee!
  • Top Instructors - Readily Available
  • Hands-on skills training and test preparation


Live Online and Streaming-Only Online versions of this course are also available!

Course Description:

Intense School is excited to offer you our Authorized VMware Quad Certification Boot Camp, an innovative 7 day training course designed specifically for system and network engineers requiring full knowledge of VMware vSphere virtualization solutions. In this course, you will achieve the VCP6-DCV as well as the VCA6 Cloud Management & Automation, VCA6 Network Virtualization and VCA6 Desktop & Mobility. This course extends your VCP training experience to private cloud, network and workforce mobility topics, leading up to the three VCA certifications. Virtualization knowledge is an essential skillset to distinguish your technical capabilities and VMware certification is the most industry-recognized certification in the area.

As the demand for IT professionals with data center virtualization skills increases, it is essential to distinguish yourself in the market with a certification that validates your technical capabilities. Earning your VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization certification does just that.

This industry-recognized certification requires completion of a VMware-authorized training course and experience with VMware technologies. VCP-DCV certification confirms that you have the education needed to successfully install, deploy, scale and manage VMware vSphere environments.

Our VMware Quad Certification Boot Camp is a 7-day, proprietary, hands-on course that focuses on preparing students to pass the VCP-DCV and the VCA-Cloud Management & Automation, VCA-Network Virtualization and VCA-Desktop & Mobility exams. The VCP-DCV certification has a VMware course requirement, which must be met in order to obtain the certification. Our program fulfills the course requirement and includes the vSphere Foundations and VCP-DCV exams onsite, so you walk away with the VCP certification in 7 days.

Why Choose the Intense School VCP/VCA Program? 

We prepare you for class by giving you study material prior to the start of the VCP training course along with expert VMware instructors and mentors to assist throughout the course. Your skills are greatly increased during the VCP course through hands-on practice and exercises using remotely accessed pods of VMware servers.

Only Intense School’s VCP Dual Certification Boot Camp offers you the following benefits:

  • Intense School’s definitive, TOTAL immersion boot camp training experience
  • Proprietary VCP prep courseware, including practice questions and targeted exam prep
  • Intense instruction with no outside distractions
  • Intense School proprietary labs
  • Initial live instructor online session (attendance required for VCP candidates)
  • 30 days of pre-study access to self-paced training course
    • Streaming video of VCP core concepts and exam blueprint topics
    • Instant references and information
    • Online quizzes and tracking mechanisms
  • 30 days of pre-study access to official VCP lab pod with lab exercises
  • Seven full days of intense VCP Boot Camp training, labs and review with an experienced instructor
  • Hands-on practice and skills development on VMware labs via our VLabs environment
  • Exam vouchers for 5 exams to achieve the 4 certifications:
    • vSphere 6 Foundations 2V0-620
    • VCP6-Data Center Virtualization 2V0-621
    • VCA6-Cloud Management & Automation Fundamentals 1V0-603
    • VCA6-Network Virtualization Fundamentals 1V0-604
    • VCA6-Desktop & Mobility Fundamentals 1V0-605
  • Onsite vSphere Foundations testing on the third day of class
  • Onsite VCP6-DCV testing on the seventh day of class (only available for students who complete the initial live session and complete the pre-study coursework)
  • VCA6-CMA, VCP6-NV, VCP6-DTM testing online at home after class
  • Lunch, snacks and coffee provided on each day of class
  • Re-sit Guarantee
  • Free 2nd shot voucher if you don’t pass the VCP6-DCV the first time (VCA exam vouchers are not eligible).  
Upon the completion of Intense School’s Authorized VCP6-DCV Boot Camp, Students will know how to:
  • VCP Course Objectives.
    By course completion, you will understand these core vSphere functions and features and objectives, and much more:

    • •  Describe the software-defined data center
      •  Deploy an ESXi host and create virtual machines
      •  Describe vCenter Server architecture
      •  Deploy a vCenter Server instance or VMware vCenter Server™ Appliance™ 
      •  Use vCenter Server to manage an ESXi host 
      •  Configure and manage vSphere infrastructure with VMware vSphere® Client™ and VMware vSphere® Web Client
      •  Configure virtual networks with vSphere standard switches 
      •  Use vCenter Server to manage various types of host storage: VMware vSphere® VMFS, NFS, virtual SAN, and Virtual Volumes  
      •  Manage virtual machines, templates, clones, and snapshots
      •  Create a vApp
      •  Describe and use the content library
      •  Migrate virtual machines with VMware vSphere® vMotion®
      •  Use VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion® to migrate virtual machine storage 
      •  Monitor resource usage and manage resource pools
      •  Use VMware vRealize™ Operations Manager™ to identify and solve issues through analytics and alerts  
      •  Manage VMware vSphere® High Availability and VMware vSphere® Fault Tolerance 
      •  Use VMware vSphere® Replication™ and VMware vSphere® Data Protection™ to replicate virtual machines and perform data recovery
      •  Use VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ clusters to improve host scalability
      •  Use vSphere distributed switches to improve network scalability
      •  Use VMware vSphere® Update Manager™ to apply patches and perform basic troubleshooting of ESXi hosts, virtual machines, and vCenter Server operations

  • VCP Labs Objectives - 30 days of lab access
    By lab completion you will have hands-on experience with:

    • Configuring vSphere Web Client
    • Configuring vCenter Server Appliance
    • Configuring ESXi
    • Working with Virtual Machines
    • Access Control
    • Folders in Vmware vCenter Server
    • Standard Switches
    • iSCSI Storage
    • NFS Storage
    • vSphere VMFS
    • Templates and Clones
    • Modifying a Virtual Machine
    • Migrating Virtual Machines
    • Managing Virtual Machines
    • Managing vSphere Apps
    • User Permissions
    • Resource Pools
    • Monitoring Virtual Machine Performance
    • Alarms
    • vSphere High Availability
    • Distributed Resource Scheduler
    • vSphere Fault Tolerance
    • (and more)

VCP Classroom Boot Camp and Exam Targeted Review

  • Between the general objectives, the 30 days of extended hands-on lab access, and the classroom Boot Camp outline, the targeted VCP Exam Prep Review also drives home the most important elements required to pass the VCP, including but not limited to:
    • Introductions and course logistics
    • Course objectivesAdditional resources
    • Describe the features and benefits of VMware Platform Services Controller™
    • Configure ESXi host access and authorization
    • Secure ESXi, vCenter Server, and virtual machines
    • Upgrade ESXi and vCenter Server instances
    • Understand the purpose of VMware vSphere® Command-Line Interface commands
    • Discuss options for running vSphere CLI commands
    • Deploy and configure vSphere Management Assistant
    • Use vmware-cmd for virtual machine operations
    • Review the vSphere performance troubleshooting methodology
    • Explain software and hardware virtualization techniques and their effects on performance
    • Use vSphere performance monitoring tools
    • Configure and manage vSphere distributed switches
    • Migrate virtual machines from standard switches to distributed switches
    • Explain distributed switch features such as port mirroring, LACP, QoS tagging, and NetFlow
    • Explain the performance features of network adapters
    • Explain the performance features of vSphere networking
    • Monitor key network performance metrics
    • Use vSphere Management Assistant to manage virtual network configurations
    • Troubleshoot common network performance problems
    • Explain vSphere storage APIs for array integration and storage awareness
    • Configure and assign virtual machine storage policies
    • Configure VMware vSphere® Storage DRS™ and VMware vSphere® Storage I/O Control
    • Create and use virtual volumes in vSphere
    • Diagnose storage access problems
    • Configure VMware vSphere® Flash Read Cache™
    • Monitor key storage performance metrics
    • Troubleshoot common storage performance problems
    • Explain the CPU scheduler operation, NUMA support, and other features that affect CPU performance
    • Monitor key CPU performance metrics
    • Troubleshoot common CPU performance problems
    • Explain ballooning, memory compression, and host swapping techniques for memory reclamation
    • Monitor key memory performance metrics
    • Troubleshoot common memory performance problems
    • Describe guidelines for optimizing virtual machine configuration
    • Discuss how vGPU usage affects virtual machine performance
    • Discuss guidelines for using resource allocation settings
    • Discuss guidelines for using resource pools
    • Discuss guidelines for using vSphere DRS clusters
    • Troubleshoot common vSphere cluster problems
    • Describe and use host profiles
    • Define and use content libraries
    • Use VMware vSphere® PowerCLI™
    • Use Virtual Machine Converter
    • Use VMware vSphere® ESXi™ Image Builder CLI and vSphere Auto Deploy


VCA Cloud Management & Automation, VCA Network Virtualization and VCA Desktop & Mobility Objectives:

  • Define the types of Cloud computing and discuss the challenges associated with them.
  • Describe VMware’s Cloud products, features, and components.
  • Align VMware products, features, and components to the Elasticity, Efficiency, Availability, and Management challenges of a business.
  • Define the types of Cloud computing
  • Discuss the challenges that VMware Cloud products are intended to resolve
  • Define the components of the Software-Defined Enterprise
  • Discover why vSphere is the world's leading server virtualization platform
  • Describe the components of NSX
  • Evaluate how vCloud Automation Center automates the delivery of IT services
  • Measure how vCenter Operations Manager provides comprehensive visibility and insights into the performance, capacity and health of your infrastructure
  • Describe the function of IT Business Management
  • Determine the function of vCenter Hyperic
  • Discuss VMware vFabric Suite, a lightweight, scalable and integrated middleware suite for data-intensive custom applications
  • Discover how VMware vCloud Connector links your internal private Cloud with public Clouds to manage as a single environment
  • Examine how VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager provides automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing for virtualized applications
  • Discuss how VMware vCloud Hybrid Service can extend your data center into the Cloud
  • Reveal the VMware products that will resolve the IT Efficiency challenges.
  • Match the VMware product to the IT Availability challenge.
  • Input the VMware product that will resolve the IT Elasticity challenge.
  • Reveal the VMware product that will help solve IT Elasticity challenges.
  • Match the VMware product to the IT Management challenge.
  • Discover the next steps in your VMware education.
  • Define data center networking and discuss the challenges encountered without network virtualization.
  • Describe the VMware NSX Virtualization Platform and how its features and components benefit the data center. 
  • Identify real life use cases where NSX can enhance current data center network operations.
  • Identify the use and benefits of standard and distributed switches
  • Examine how a physical network is realized compared to a virtual network
  • Assess the current Software-Defined Data Center's network challenges 
  • Describe VMware NSX and its components at a high level
  • Outline the implications of network and security services
  • Describe on-demand usage deployment of VMware NSX
  • Describe various VMware NSX usage scenarios
  • Identify the NSX architecture
  • Determine how to deploy VMware NSX
  • Examine the benefits VMware NSX brings to the modern data center
  • Describe NSX network services
  • Define and describe the need for a structured IT approach to End User Computing.
  • Provide an overview of the features of VMware Workforce Mobility products.
  • Recognize how VMware’s products help solve business and technical challenges with End User Computing.
  • Define and describe the need for a structured IT approach to End User Computing.
  • Provide real world examples of EUC challenges.
  • List the VMware products that can help resolve those challenges. 
  • Describe the VMware Horizon portfolio of desktop and application solutions
  • Discuss the components and features of the VMware Horizon portfolio of desktop and application virtualization solutions
  • Recognize how VMware’s products help overcome business and technical challenges with regard to End User Computing.

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Who Should Attend:

Experienced system administrators
Experienced system integrators
Operators responsible for ESXi and vCenter Server

Award Winning Training

Intense School's VMware Training course won the 2013 Editors Choice Award in the Virtualization Training category from the well renowned Virtualization Review news publication.

On-Site Options

Your Company will Save Big on group on-sites of 6 or more students. VMware vSphere Certification Training FAST on-site at your location for a fraction of the price of our public scheduled Boot Camps!

  1. Willing to participate in a demanding, high-intensity training experience
  2. Comfortable with system administration using command line interfaces
  3. Knowledgeable of basic virtualization concepts
  4. Must be able to complete pre-study online course.

Course Length: 7 Days

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I had a terrific instructor. His depth of knowledge was clearly evident. He approached each question raised by the students not only to answer, but to be sure the student understood the answer.

- John Hollan - AEH

Excellent course. The instructor took the time to thoroughly explain the material and makes sure that everyone has a firm grasp of the concepts.

- Digby Morrow
State of Oregon

Best instructor I have had in IT field

- Dominic Monteleone - 10DPT
Mountain Lion Consulting

There are many of us entering these classes that are managers and not programmers. The step-by-step is very helpful for those that don't know Linux or C as well.

- Brant Bertrand - AEH

The material was good and very informative, the instructor was extremely knowledgable

- Marc Henscheid - AEH
Lackland AFB

Good course materials, labs corresponded well to the lecture slides. Highly knowledgeable instructor of the subject matter. Lectures were actually interesting.

- Glynn Baron


Streaming Only

Base Course. Best for refresher courses

  • Easy Online Access
  • Expert Virtualization Instructor
  • Exam Review
  • Highest Quality Content - 90% Pass
  • Self-Paced Training

Mentored Online

Most popular self-pace option.

  • Online & Offline Playback (DVD,mobile)
  • Expert Virtualization Instructor
  • Intense Proprietary Exam Prep
  • Highest Quality Content - 90% Pass
  • Self-Paced Mentored Training
  • Mentor & Live Instructor Support
  • Text books, Pre-Study, and Lab books
  • Complex Sims and Exercise Files


Our top rated training experience

  • Live Classroom
  • Expert Instructor constantly available
  • Intense Proprietary Exam Prep
  • Highest Quality Content - 90% Pass
  • Self-Paced Training (optional add-on)
  • Extensive Live Instructor Support
  • Our highest pass rate course version
  • Text books, Pre-Study, and Lab books
  • Complex Sims and Exercise Files

Live Online

As close to the classroom from home

  • Live Classroom
  • Expert Instructor constantly available
  • Intense Proprietary Exam Prep
  • Highest Quality Content - 90% Pass
  • Self-Paced Training (optional add-on)
  • Extensive Live Instructor Support
  • Text books, Pre-Study, and Lab books
  • Complex Sims and Exercise Files



See what our students are saying:

The labs were probably the best part of class. Definitely among the best classes I've had throughout my entire 12 year career. The instructor was able to break down complicated/advance concepts to an entire class that had mixed skill sets. He took the time to ensure that all students understood the materials to include the lab.

- Raymond Mack

awesome. The course was exciting and not only covered exam prep, but also explained how things work in the wild.

- Vincent Chapman
US Army

Great instructor. He was very open to conversation and well versed in the material. Enjoyed his teaching style.

- Jeffrey Wiley
US Census Bureau

The course materials were clear and to the point. The labs really help you understand what was going on. I had an amazing instructor. I was overly impressed by his knowledge and skills.

- Anthony Pierce
ICF International - Jacob & Sundstrom

Awesome! I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.

- Sergio Silva
Compustar C.A.

Who Should Attend?

1. Willing to participate in a demanding, high-intensity training experience

2. Comfortable with system administration using command line interfaces

3. Knowledgeable of vasic virtualization concepts


VCA Cloud Management & Automation
VCA Network Virtualization
VCA Desktop & Mobility