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SOA Basics Boot Camp

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Two Intense Days of immersion training into Service-Oriented Architecture, intended for Developers, Architects and Managers!

This course will bring you an in-depth understanding of analysis, design and implementation of SOAs. You will learn how to analyze the various web services standards, and how to evaluate and select among the many products and vendors of SOA tools. The class will also provide you with a basic migration plan for adopting Service Oriented Architecture as well as exclusive Service Oriented Architecture materials to use during class and after this course.

Benefits of Adopting the SOA Approach
The key benefits of adopting SOA architectural principles are:
(1) More agile business processes, through faster composition of those processes from business-level services;
(2) Quicker creation of new applications through re-use of libraries of existing services;
(3) More flexibility in application construction through a single design approach that connects legacy systems to new systems using one design paradigm;
(4) Composability of new functionality through the modularity that services offer as a design concept.

Intense School's SOA Basics Boot Camp will have you explore real-world working skills in the following areas:

• Use simple schemas to define structured documents
• Validate data without application programming
• Use multiple schemas for reusability and extensibility
• Define custom data-types to encapsulate your company's data
• Referential Integrity to ensure secure and accurate documents
• Leverage data modeling to analyze corporate data and structures
• Plan your databases, documents and interoperation
• Understand a simple SOAP example using a stock pricing service
• Experience complex transactions using data from one service to access another service
• Exercise WSDL examples and Options for defining services
• Use Browsers to search UDDI repositories
• Leverage Services like Query Update
• Experience a simple SOA example using multiple services to create a single application
• Understand database access services
• Take advantage of XML / Database integration techniques
• Gain knowledge of business process automation
• Use and understand visual BPEL
• Understand how Java and SOA work together
• How does .NET facilitate Web Service Applications which use XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI
• Examples of C++ web service interaction
• See how C++ handles SOAs



Intense School’s SOA Basics Boot Camp - Benefits and Goals
Our two (2) day Intense SOA Basics Boot Camp provides application professionals with the fundamental knowledge to initiate designing and deploying SOA applications to the enterprise. 

Only Intense School’s SOA Basics Boot Camp offers you the following benefits:
• Our definitive, TOTAL immersion boot camp experience
• 2 full days of intense instruction with no outside distractions
• A copy of “Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture: The Savvy Manager's Guide” by authors Douglas K. Barry and Dent Barry
• In-person access to the top experts in the industry
• Lunch and snacks provided on each day of class
• Provides tangible evidence of career growth
• Potential for a salary increase and/or promotion

Course Objectives
Upon the completion of Intense School’s SOA Basics Boot Camp, students will know how to:

• Clarify your company’s definition of a Service Oriented Architecture
• Integrate your Legacy Systems seamlessly
• Explain the financial and technical importance of a Service Oriented Architecture up and down your management chain
• Model your Enterprise IT
• Model and design your Service Oriented Architectures
• Leverage SOA patterns to enhance IT Interoperability
• Use XML Schemas to define structured documents
• Utilize XSLT Transformations to modify and display XML documents
• Exercise SOAP messaging for Service to Service Communications
• Use WSDL Service Level Agreements to describe web service bindings
• Take advantage of UDDI Universal Business Registries (UBRs) to publish/integrate web services
• Apply WS-Platform basic standards
• Apply Second Generation WS standards
• Evaluate Service Oriented Architecture tools and vendors for your company

Who Should Attend:
The audience for this course includes all people involved in the design, development and lifecycle of applications.  


Must have two or more years involved in multi-tiered application development.


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