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Comprehensive Linux Boot Camp

Intense School’s 5-day Comprehensive Linux Boot Camp is a totally hands-on course covering all important facets of the world's most popular open source operating system. 

Throughout this course, you gain the essential knowledge and hands-on skills to leverage Linux for your organizational advantage. You learn to create, edit and search Linux files, control permissions and ownership, process and format text data, and use shellscripts to perform multiple tasks.


Benefits and Goals:

Intense School's is the ONLY linux training course currently on the market that emphasizes both hands-on skills training AND certification preparation.

During our intense linux training course, you will learn hands-on skills that are relevant for any linux distribution (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Backtrack, etc.) such as how to:

  • Manage, control and automate Linux GNU open source tools
  • Create, edit and search Linux files and directories
  • Limit access within the file system by controlling permissions and ownership
  • Combine GNU filter commands in pipelines to process and format text data
  • Exploit Bash shell features to enhance the command line interface
  • Perform multiple tasks in shell scripts simultaneously
  • Building, linking and removing Linux files and directories
  • Setting and testing file permissions
  • Customizing start-up scripts for enhanced Bash interactivity
  • Running shell scripts for automation
  • Installing Linux software and configuring the network interface

The proprietary Intense School course material is designed to provide an extensive hands-on experience for you. Topics include: installation and configuration; the boot process; user and group administration; filesystem administration, including quotas, FACLs, RAID and LVM; task automation; client networking; SELinux; software management; log files; troubleshooting; and more.

In addition to acquiring the skills of an Enterprise Linux Admin, at Intense School we feel it is important to be able  to demonstrate your skills and value as an IT professional to your current or future employer. During our Comprehensive Linux Boot Camp,

you will be prepared to achieve the following Linux professional certifications on-site:
  • Linux Professional Institute's LPIC (Exams 101 & 102)
  • Comptia Linux+
Intense School Comprehensive Linux Boot Camp Schedule:

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02/15/16-02/19/16Live Online, Reserve
05/16/16-05/20/16Live Online, Reserve
08/15/16-08/19/16Live Online, Reserve
11/14/16-11/18/16Live Online, Reserve
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Linux Training Topics Covered:

The following topics are covered during this linux training course:

  • Multi-User Concepts
  • The X Window System
  • The Linux Filesystem
  • Manipulating Files
  • Shell Basics
  • Archiving and Compression
  • Text Processing
  • Regular Expressions
  • Text Editing
  • Command Shells
  • Introduction to Shell Scripting
  • Process Management and Job Control
  • Managing Software
  •  Messaging
  • Printing
  • The Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Mounting Filesystems & Managing Removable Media
  • Pre-Installation Considerations
  • Installing from Stratch
  • Linux Hardware Discovery, Interaction, and Control
  • Boot Process and SYSV Init
  • Software Maintenance
  • Filesystem Administration
  • LVM & RAID
  • Remote Storage Administration
  • User/Group Administration
  • Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
  • Security Administration
  •  Process Administration
  • Basic Networking
  • Advanced Networking
  • Log File Administration
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Xen Virtualization
  • Linux Kernel Compilation 
LPIC & Linux+ Objectives

The LPIC and Linux+ certification validates the knowledge and abilities of individuals with at least six months of practical Linux experience.

Students seeking LPIC and Linux+ certification will be tested on the following knowledge areas:

  • 1.0 Installation & Configuration 22%
  • 2.0 System Maintenance & Operations 28%
  • 3.0 Application & Services 23%
  • 4.0 Networking 14%
  • 5.0 Security 13%

This Comprehensive Linux Boot Camp is designed for students who have minimum of one year of experience in the Linux computer industry, those that have extensive experience with at least one other operating system.

Who Should Attend
  • Network Administrators
  • System Administrators

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See what our students are saying:

The Instructor was great and had profound knowledge in the IT field. His real life experiences were great examples for the lessons.

- Lionel Plaza
Adaptive Methods

The instructors and facilitators go above and beyond any instructors and facilitators that I have ever worked with and should be commended for an excellent job well done. Intense School's training is easy to understand and learn; Boot Camp style learning is "INTENSE" and you should really have a background in or currently work with the subject matter being taught.

-Sherry Miles
Adaptive Methods

The class is called "intense" for a reason...they provide all the tools necessary, but you still have to put in a lot of effort. It was totally worth the effort and I would recommend it to others.

- Kristine Beckwith
Defense Intelligence Agency

The course definitely scared me at first. But, at the end my confidence level increased 70%. I can't wait for my next certification and definitely want it through Intense School. Thank you so much

- Maura Idler
Defense Intelligence Agency