MCITP Boot Camp: MCITP 2008 Enterprise and Server Administrator

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This Boot Camp will prepare Microsoft professionals to earn the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Enterprise Administrator certification for Windows Server 2008. In this intensive test-preparation program, you will practice sample questions and take simulated exams using Intense School’s time-tested proprietary practice exams. During class, each student will be given one exam voucher for each of the key exams, plus 1 free makeup voucher for each specific exam taken during or after class.  

This course incorporates materials from the following Official Microsoft Learning Products:

  • Course 6416B: Updating your Network Infrastructure and Active Directory Technology Skills to Windows Server 2008
  • Course 6417: Updating Your Application Platform Technology Skills to Windows Server 2008
  • Course 6292A: Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client


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Course Objectives
Upon the completion of Intense School’s MCITP 2008: Enterprise and Server Administrator Boot Camp, students will know how to:

  • Maintain secure server and workstation environments
  • Prevent malicious attacks on Microsoft networks
  • Build and deploying secure infrastructures
  • Deploy and optimize Windows Windows 7
  • Proficiently install and maintain Microsoft Windows 2008 Server architecture
  • Extensively design, administer, and plan an active directory network that focuses on security
  • Effectively administer and implement Windows operating systems
  • Support a powerful network infrastructure       

Certified Professional Exams
Intense School’s MCITP 2008: Enterprise and Server Admin Boot Camp extensively prepares students for the following Microsoft Certified Professional exams:

  • 83-640—TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring
  • 70-642—TS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration
  • 70-643—TS: Windows Server 2008 Application Platform Configuration
  • 70-647—MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
  • 70-646—MCITP: Server Administrator
  • 70-680—TS: Windows 7, Configuring

Here’s what the students have access to:
Each student will setup their own Windows Server 2008 environments, and engage in complex troubleshooting exercises that increase pass rates and build real 2008 skills. Our world class instructors are there to see the concepts of the day are reinforced through proper self paced exercises and practice materials up until to 10pm each day.

You will achieve the following five premium certifications:

  • MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist)
  • MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist)
  • MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist)
  • MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Application Platform Configuration (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist)    
  • MCITP: Enterprise Administrator (Microsoft Certified IT Pro on Windows Server 2008)
  • MCITP: Server Administrator (Microsoft Certified IT Pro on Windows Server 2008)


Official MCITP 2008: Enterprise and Server Administrator Boot Camp Benefits and Goals
Our thirteen (13) day intense MCITP 2008: Enterprise and Server Administrator Boot Camp provides information technology professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to install, configure, support, and troubleshoot Windows 2008 based networks. 

Intense School’s MCITP 2008: Enterprise and Server Admin Boot Camp offers you the following benefits:          
Intense School’s definitive, TOTAL immersion boot camp training experience

  • Thirteen (13) full days of intense instruction with no outside distractions
  • Included exam vouchers for 83-640, 70-642, 70-643, 70-680, 70-647, 70-646
  • FREE RETAKES – If needed for each specific exam
  • In-person access to the top Server 2008 / Windows 7 experts in the industry
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008: Implementation and Administration by  Barrie Sosinsky
  • 12 nights of hotel accommodations
  • Lunch and snacks provided on each day of class
  • Highly accomplished status as a distinguished MCITP professional
  • Provides tangible evidence of career growth for potential salary increase and/or promotion
  • Provides TCO for your Microsoft Server 2008 Investment


All students receive the above pre-study reading material "Microsoft Windows Server 2008: Implementation and Administration" by Barrie Sosinsky


Who Should Attend
System Administrators, Engineers, and Operators responsible for setup, support, and troubleshooting of Server 2008 and Vista.

2 or more years in Enterprise IT administration

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“My Intense School experience was excellent from start to finish. The quality of the instructor, the venue, the curriculum and the flexibility offered were all second to none! I would recommend Vigilar to anyone interested in doing a bootcamp!.”

Stuart Hamilton
Northwest Center

"I was stationed with a unit on Okinawa, in Japan, where we didn't get to do our jobs very much, due to having them sold to a civilian contractor company. When I got to this class, I was way behind everybody else in the class with me. Now I feel like I could do my job just as well as the rest of the guys I work with. This class is for the motivated. The days are long with many hours dedicated to study. A great way to advance but only if you have the want."

Ivan Cruz

"This course made amazing things happen for our unit in a very short amount of time, right before we were going to need it: during an imminent deployment to Iraq."

"I have attended around 10 different IT/network-related courses and Intense School had the most knowledgeable instructor that I have ever had. He did a fantastic job."

Robert Lee

"I would love to be able to get more of this type of instruction to my Platoon. If you are will to send instructors to Iraq with us, we will be more than happy to show them a good time and pick their brains while they are in country."

Roman Dain

I got my MCSE Security+ certification and LEARNED so much. Even though there was a lot of material to cover, the instructor knew exactly how to deliver it and made us learn always through exercises, labs, examples and crystal clear explanations. It was a great experience, no question went unanswered. I´m very satisfied and will take other training courses from you as well as recommend Vigilar and Intense School with my best references."

"I wanted to write the appropriate person at Intense School to let them know how exceptional the instructor is. He is unrelenting in seeking out the answer to any and all questions that are raised. The way he handles a class and his knowledge of the subject matter certainly make Intense School the right choice. The site coordinator also did an excellent job of making himself available whenever needed. His flexibility allowed for a much more custom tailored training environment. And as usual,my account rep made the whole experience flawless. This was my fourth boot camp with Intense School and as usual it was another outstanding performance. Due to these experiences, I would highly recommend Intense School to anyone."

"Intense School's team were great people, very open and easy to communicate with."

"It was a great program for what it was designed for."

"Great instructor. He kept us focused and on track."

"Overall, Intense School has an exceptional program for preparing individuals with varying levels of experience with the essentials for passing the Microsoft Security + Certification tests. The course curriculum is demanding, however, our instructor, was dedicated to keep us focused and greatly increased our chances of success. Intense School's attention to detail is shown through all staff. The course's site administrator made sure that all were afforded the opportunity to focus on the course. All other matters were handled by the site administrator. Intense School is the way to go for accelerated technical learning."

"The MCSE:Security+ class was informative and well planned and carried out. Time went by quickly and information was easily received and understood."

"This course is an excellent opportunity for experienced IT professionals to get that ever important certification within a very short period. I had been getting stagnant in the administrator position I was in, this boot camp will definitely give your brain a jump start to get moving again. Excellent instructor with great real world experiences. The site administrator very helpful in the classroom with many of the extra things that helped get through the busy days."

"This course made amazing things happen for our unit in a very short amount of time, right before we were going to need it: during an imminent deployment to Iraq."

"This was a very challenging two weeks but the reward is your MCSE so you learn to push through the harder subject areas. Get through the 70-291're home free. Thanks and I look forward to my next experience with Intense School."

"I highly recommend Intense School for IT training"

"Intense School provided us with a supportive environment during the 14-day training. The instructor was very good. She adequately answered all questions. The facility was available 24X7 for those who needed the classroom and PCs for practicing & studying; drinks & snacks were always available; catered lunch was provided every single day; and the site administrator & instructor were available around the clock."

Debbie Pass

"Kelly and Chris are a great team. I passed every test the first time because of the time that our instructor invested in me. The hours were long and the material can be dry and esoteric but Kelly kept us on track. Her sense of humor was invaluable. Our logistician, Chris was very flexible about scheduling the tests - some as late at 7:00 in the evening - just to make sure that anyone (like me) who needed that extra hour to study. I was really impressed with the skill and the breadth of knowledge that the instructor demonstrated. Thank you so much.

"The Intense School Team were wonderful to work with. They were accommodating in every way. They made the two weeks a memorable experience. I came in with reservation on how I will complete such a big task in only two weeks. They assure me that it can be done with encouragement and positive feedback. Thank you both helping me get through these two weeks."

"The instructor and Site Administrator worked together to provide a great experience over these past two weeks. I would not have been able to pass my MCSE 2003+Security and and MCSE 2008 upgrade without their hard work and help.

"It was a lot of fun. Very exhausting and lots and lots of work and no sleep, but it was all well worth it in the end."

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**This program is available for Corporately Sponsored Students only. This program has not been approved by the Florida Commission for Independent Education.