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Intense School’s Authorized Check Point NGX R65 Certification Boot Camp

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Intense School’s Authorized Check Point NGX R65 Certification Boot Camp is an immersion into Check Point Firewall Administration, with a focus on preparing students for the challenging Check Point CCSA and CCSE Certification exams. This course covers the basic steps involved in configuring an Internet firewall, and provides hands-on training to manage a FireWall-1 installation. It also offers advanced training on VPN-1/FireWall-1 and delivers in-depth information on VPN and encryption technologies. Students will acquire the skills necessary to set up a site-to-site VPN and roll out a remote access VPN with either VPN-1 SecureClient or VPN-1 SecuRemote.

The class starts with step one—students build a firewall from scratch—and ends with hands-on exercises on deploying High Availability Check Point solutions.

Another critical difference to the Intense School way of delivering the authorized Check Point Boot Camp is that we make sure you are ready for both the CCSA and CCSE certification by providing you with our proprietary prep materials: every night of the class, you are assigned homework including practice exams and specific readings that will support your success in the exams on day 5.

Up-to-date courseware: We are using the authorized courseware, updated to NGX R65, so you are ready for the latest and the greatest!

Your Company will Save Big on group on-sites of 6 or more students. Get Check Point Certification Training FAST on-site at your location for a fraction of the price of our public scheduled Boot Camps!

Check Point NGX R65 Certification Boot Camp Benefits and Goals

Our five (5) day intense Check Point NGX R65 Certification Boot Camp provides information technology professionals with in-depth knowledge of VPN-1/FireWall-1 that goes beyond basic installation, setup, and methodologies

Only Intense School’s Authorized Check Point NGX R65 Certification Boot Camp offers you the following benefits:

  • Five (5) full days of intense instruction, labs and review with experienced Check Point instructor, Simon Desmeules
  • Pre and post mentoring by top rated Check Point Certified Experts
  • Expanded marketability and credibility as a security professional
  • First-class Authorized curriculum (retail price of $800!)
  • Top Notch Practice Exams for both the CCSA and the CCSE
  • In-person access to the top security experts in the industry
  • Potential for salary increase and promotion


Students should be familiar with:

  • Windows operating systems (system administrator level knowledge preferred)
  • TCP/IP and basic networking knowledge
  • Students should have knowledge of basic router concepts as they relate to Layer 3 of the OSI model



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