Cisco Training Courses in Denver Colorado

We have held a couple of our most successful courses just outside the Denver metro area. We don't have a regular Denver class schedule, but find out pricing and let us know your individual training needs and we can find a suitable location/date for you or else bring the course to you in the form of an onsite or online version.

Intense School offeres a variety of Cisco classes and certifications:


We are a Cisco Learning Partner and utilize experienced trainers with proven success rates. The objective of all our Cisco Boot Camps is certification, and our methodology is geared towards a high success rate for passing the certification exams.

Call us at 877-290-9507 for current pricing and discounts for Cisco Courses.
Instructor has very vast and deep knowledge of course material. In addition to his outstanding knowledge, his teaching skills are excellent. He managed to convey potentially dry technical information to the students, in an interesting and fun way. I wish all my classes were taught this way. My favorite part of the course was the labs. Actually using the tools and being able to see their effects on the Virtual machines really solidified the concepts taught in the lecture slides. Plus the labs were actually really fun."
Ryan Sangalang
Booz Allen Hamilton