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Authorized CCNA®/CCENT®

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The CCNA® Certification indicates a foundation in and apprentice knowledge of networking. CCNA certified professionals can install, configure, and operate LAN, WAN, and dial access services for small networks (100 nodes or fewer), including but not limited to use of these protocols: IP, EIGRP, Serial, Frame Relay, VLANs, RIP, Ethernet, and OSPF.

CCNA - Cisco Pyramid Intense School's Authorized CCNA® course is an innovative and challenging training course designed specifically for your team of network engineers and administrators requiring full knowledge of Cisco router and switch configuration. We prepare every student for class by giving them study material PRIOR to the start of the course along with expert Cisco instructors and mentors to assist throughout the course. Your teams’ skills are greatly increased through hands-on practice and exercises using remotely accessed pods of genuine Cisco equipment.

Employers benefit from have CCNA certified employees because of the tight relationship with the necessary job skills needed to work in network support or to adapt to Voice over IP and the CCNA certification program goals.

Our CCNA course is designed to get you and your team certified! Our program takes your team through authorized Cisco curriculum, with the added value of materials and expert instruction geared towards your teams certification success!


Our intense CCNA® course provides the most comprehensive and hands on approach to CCNA® certification in the industry. This is an accelerated immersion course, designed for computer professionals that require effective, real-world skill-building and timely certification to get your organization to where it needs to be.

What you get:

  • Flexible course duration depending on your needs assessment
  • Authorized Cisco content
  • Intense School proprietary labs "Eight years in the making, regarded as the most effective CCNA courseware available"
  • Intense instruction, labs and review with an experienced Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI)
  • Hands-on practice and skills development on real Cisco equipment via our VLabs environment
  • The most comprehensive and thorough CCNA certification preparation in the industry, complete with a blended learning solution
  • Expert mentoring included with every class for pre and post-class assistance to ensure your success by a Cisco Certified Instructor

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Prior to attending, students should be very familiar with networking topics such as TCP/IP, IP configuration, peer-to-peer networking, subnetting, building a routing table, and other network protocols, standards, and architecture.

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Comments from our 1/28/2008 CCENT/CCNA US Army Onsite Boot Camp:

"I was pretty worried about taking the CCNA Boot Camp but thanks to the instructor and course work provied by Intense I found it fun and easy to further my career. I would recommend Intense to anyone serious about getting a certification. You can save a lot of time and aggravation by using Intense plus the entire experience is enjoyable. I would highly recommend this course as I already have to 2 of my friends"

Robert Zoppelt
US Army

"Great experience taking this class. Never thought I would be able to learn all this material in one week."  

Thomas Horvath
US Army

"Great instructor, great class, great subject. I look forward to more."

Brian McMasters
US Army

Comments from our 1/7/2008 CCENT/CCNA Boot Camp:

"I enjoyed the CCNA course and was surprised at how well I picked up such a large amount of material in just a week."

AJ McQuay

"Great course..I am a repeat customer..would not go any place else..:)"   

"Both the instructor and site administrator worked very hard to make sure that we had everything that we needed, both from a personal level as well as a professional level. If for some reason we did not have what we needed, they got it. Hats off to them for making my Cisco training a success!"


"Outstanding course that was relevent, to the point, and extremely useful."

"The instructor was very good in his presentations, and examples. He really knew the material!"

R. French


“Intense School's Training went great and I just passed my CCENT/CCNA! I took the test for the first time this afternoon and passed with a score of 931. Thank you for all of your help!”

Micah Gaylor
CCNA Certified  

"The class was great!"

Mike Reifsnyder 
Abraxas Corporation

"The course provide a wealth of learning information and exposure. I was impressed with the instructors level of delivery as his experience in the field was made evident."

Robert Reid 

"The course handouts, professionalism, expertise, and teaching methods of the instructor, The instructors were superb. One of the best courses I have ever had in my life." 

Jim Bass

"Instructor was great. Site admin, Ernest, was SUPER."

Anthony Delanko 
Booz Allen Hamilton

"All in all this class was a wonderful experience and I am very happy with Wes as our instructor. I would recommend this to anyone."

Kyle Belitz 
Booz Allen Hamilton

" Great Course! Kept me going and really help to prepare me for the CCNA exam" 

Stephen Martin  
Booz Allen Hamilton

"I enjoyed the course and thought it was very informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable."

Timothy Muniz 
Booz Allen Hamilton

"Great course..I am a repeat customer..would not go any place else..:)" 

Bill Mixon

" This is my second time taking the CCNA class from Vigilar. The first one was in 2005 and was 3 times worse than this class"

"The instructor was very good in his presentations, and examples. He really knew the material!"

"The class was great. Wes is extremely knowledgeable and was able to convey the materials effectively while keeping the class attention."

"This is a great class. this is a very effective method to learn the topic."

"Intense School becomes highly recommended to those seeking professional certification. Ive gained a lot more knowledge from participating in the CCNA Boot Camp which will improve my job performance/troubleshooting skills a great deal. The instrutor did an excellent job in conveying the  course material during class" 

"This is a great class. this is a very effective method to learn the topic."

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