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Intro to Internet Security Boot Camp

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Two Intense Days of expert instruction focused on providing the necessary skills and knowledge for information workers across the spectrum to more safely and securely engage in Internet-based activities!        

This accelerated class covers end-user concerns, as well as the concerns of management and system administrators new to the space of information security.

This Boot Camp is led by an experienced Information Security professional with extensive experience working in both the commercial and public sector, addressing pragmatic security and access concerns as well as experience in dealing with addressing compliance and enterprise-wide risk management initiatives.



Who Should Attend: 
Information Security practitioners; Network Administrators; Information Technology Managers; Technology Planners; and IT Auditors

Attendees must have Power-User level computer skills.  Students must be familiar with basic Desktop and Internet Browser technologies (Windows XP and Internet Explorer, for example)

Number of students: 
Minimum of 5, maximum of 50

Course Length:
2 days (16 hours)

Classroom requirements: 
This is a lecture only class, customer will provide (preferably): Projector, Projector Screen, White Board, adequate table and seating arrangements for all students.

Learning Objectives: 
At the end of the course, the student will be able to:
• Understand Internet Services and Technologies - origins of the Internet, major Internet applications, Internet technical documents, Internet connection methods: wired and wireless, risks of connecting to the Internet, and useful Web sites
• Understand the TCP/IP protocol stack: Protocols and Addressing - TCP/IP protocol stack fundamentals: TCP/IP vs. the OSI model, Internet addressing schemes, dotted decimal addresses, subnets and masking, domain names, Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), host files, Domain Name System (DNS), operational characteristics, security threats and safeguards, and Internet routing concepts.
• Understand essential TCP/IP Applications and Utilities - TCP/IP applications, packet header segments and their security implications, TCP/IP configuration control files: Unix, Windows, and NetWare, analysis of security threats and safeguards for major Internet applications, hypertext transport protocol (http)/Web, file transfer protocol (ftp), e-mail security (smtp, IMAP, POP), telnet security, and useful TCP/IP network utilities for security and audit: netstat, ping, traceroute, whois, nslookup, ifconfig/ipconfig/winipcfg.
• Understand network security threats and vulnerabilities - Internet security perspectives, current hacker activity on the Internet, hacker tools and techniques, viruses, Trojan horses, packet sniffing, denial of service, sources of vulnerability information, TCP/IP application security risk analysis, and vulnerability testing tools and techniques.
• Understand Defense in Depth approach to information security - network security strategies, enhanced user authentication, network host security checklist, network firewalls, intrusion detection, and cryptography: virtual private networks (VPN's), secure transactions (SSL, SET).
• Know about the process of developing policies for Internet Usage and Security - defining the scope of an Internet security policy, pros and cons of Internet censorship and monitoring, security and contractual considerations for outsourcing Internet and security services, and checklist for Internet-TCP/IP network security.

Intense School’s Pre-Class Preparation
Signing up for Intense School’s Intro to Internet Security Boot Camp means more than just attending a 2-day program—the program starts with:
• Access to a qualified security expert mentor before and after class

Post-Class Follow up and Support
Even after the Boot Camp, we are here to provide support, including:
• Post-class security expert mentoring by a certified professional in answering any questions relevant to the course objectives.

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