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Check Point NGX & Nokia Boot Camp

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This intensive 5 day course covers the objectives of 3 separate certifications: Check Point NGX CCSA, CCSE and the Nokia NSA Certifications.

This course is designed for the candidate interested in their Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) and Security Expert (CCSE) certifications and provides in-depth coverage of FireWall-1® technology.

The first part of the course is an introductory course for Check Point’s flagship product, VPN-1/FireWall-1 Next Generation (NG). This course covers the basic steps involved in configuring an Internet firewall, and provides hands-on training to manage a FireWall-1 installation. Part two offers advanced training on VPN-1/FireWall-1 and delivers in-depth information on VPN and encryption technologies. Students will acquire the skills necessary to set up a site-to-site VPN and roll out a remote access VPN with either VPN-1 SecureClient or VPN-1 SecuRemote.


The Nokia portion of the course provides individuals with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to configure, administer and support the Nokia Applications Platform (NAP). Upon conclusion of this course, the student will have the knowledge to configure and deploy the Nokia Security Platform and will additionally be able to perform administration, troubleshooting and monitoring of the system.

What's Included:

  • 5 days intensive training on Nokia Check Point NGX Firewalls
  • Best-of-Breed Proprietary Courseware on NGX
  • Expert Security Insight from-the-field with Expert Check Point Consultants

Course Content Summary:

  • Chapter 1 - Security Theory 101
  • Chapter 2 - The Nokia Appliance
  • Chapter 3 - VPN-1 / FW-1 NG Architecture
  • Chapter 4 - VPN-1 / FW-1 Installation and Setup
  • Chapter 5 - SmartDashboard
  • Chapter 6 - Advanced Rule Base Management
  • Chapter 7 - SmartView Tracker and SmartView Status
  • Chapter 8 - Authentication
  • Chapter 9 - Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Chapter 10 - Securing Voice Over IP with FireWall-1
  • Chapter 11 - Backing Up Your Check Point Deployment
  • Chapter 12 - Tracking and Alerts
  • Chapter 13 - Load Balancing
  • Chapter 14 - Content Security & Content Vectoring Protocol (CVP)
  • Chapter 15 - SmartDefense and SYN Flood Protection
  • Chapter 16 - Encryption and Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Chapter 17 - Implementing IKE Encryption
  • Chapter 18 - VPN-1 SecuRemote
  • Chapter 19 - SecureClient Policy Server and SecureClient
  • Chapter 20 - Nokia Administration In-Depth
  • Chapter 21 - High Availability
  • Chapter 22 - Clustering

Nokia highly recommends the combination of self-study, experience and training to successfully pass the Nokia Security Administration (NSA) test.


Students should be familiar with Windows NT and/or UNIX operating systems along with TCP/IP and basic networking knowledge. Students should have knowledge of basic router concepts as they relate to Layer 3 of the OSI model.

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