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Real References

"All other training facilities seriously pale in comparison. I want all of my future training to come from Intense School!"

- Reese Dearing, FAA

"This course made amazing things happen for our unit in a very short amount of time, right before we were going to need it: during an imminent deployment to Iraq. I have attended around 10 different IT/network-related courses and Intense School had the most knowledgeable instructor that I have ever had. He did a fantastic job."

- Robert Lee, USMC

"I had a great instructor who thoroughly covered all topics with expertise. He focused our attention to the pertinent information. This was a great experience." - Jeremy J. Pearson, Joint Staff, Pentagon

" I was stationed with a unit on Okinawa, in Japan, where we didn't get to do our jobs very much, due to having them sold to a civilian contractor company. When I got to this class, I was way behind everybody else in the class with me. Now I feel like I could do my job just as well as the rest of the guys I work with. This class is for the motivated. The days are long with many hours dedicated to study. A great way to advance but only if you have the want."

- Ivan Cruz, USMC

"I would love to be able to get more of this type of instruction to my Platoon. If you are will to send instructors to Iraq with us, we will be more than happy to show them a good time and pick their brains while they are in country."

- Roman Dain, USMC

"This class has been an outstanding experience for me. The instructor has a way of presenting material at a level that all can relate to. There is a lot of information with regards to this course, but he helps you to pinpoint your weak areas and turn them into to strengths. Thank you so much for this experience."

-Phyliss Moore, Booz Allen Hamilton

Delivery Methods include:

Additional IA Training:

C & A Certification and Accreditation | Microsoft | Cisco | EC-Council
FISMA and C&A | VMware | PMP |Computer Forensics | ITIL V.3 | CEH | ECSA

Key Components of Our 8570.1 / FISMA IA Training Solution

- IA Training Program Development

- 8570 Compliance Project Management

- Excellent voucher programs and on-site training to meet both training and certification requirements for less money

- Information Security Awareness Products and Services

- Training on effective, practical FISMA compliance with our Mission-based IT Security Course

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Intense School is your one-stop solution to FISMA and DoD Directive 8570.1 Information Assurance training requirements. With the issuance of the 8570.1 Manual on December 19th 2005, the Department of Defense is now required to train and certify all Information Assurance (IA) workers in accordance with the 8570.1 Directive, or find new trained and certified employees.

Building and maintaining a trained and certified IA staff in a world of ever-changing threats and countermeasures can be a daunting task. Intense School, the leading provider of IT and Information Security training, offers you a dedicated partner to meet all of your 8570.1 and FISMA IA training and management needs. But we won’t just meet your needs, because at Intense School, we want to ensure that you receive the best training experience possible.

"Class was beyond my expectations.  Any  reservations about the qualityof Boot Camp style training classes has been totally removed.Definitely worth the time and money."

Erik Maxwell, Unisys

"If you want quick, intense preparation to become certified, this is thecourse for you. Be prepared to fully immerse yourself in the course,day and night."

S Jones, Unisys

  • CISSP®
  • CISA
  • CISM
  • ECSA / LPT Dual Certification
  • ISSEP  
  • Professional Hacking (CEH)
  • Security+
  • SCNP
  • SCNS

  • Every On-site Class comes with the following outstanding features:

    1. Pre-Class Prep Materials including Intense Online!
    2. Intense Orientation
    3. Pre & Post Class “Coaching” !
    4. On-site Testing for 8570.1 Exams!
    5. Exam Pass GUARANTEE!!**
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    Real Results

    Here are the pass rates from recent training deliveries:

    Class Base/Integrator/Training Center Location Pass Rate
    Security + Booz Allen Atlanta, GA 100%
    Security + Air Force Reserve Command Newark, NJ 93%
    Security + Boot Camp Dulles, VA 92%
    CCE: Computer Forensics Boot Camp Fort Lauderdale, FL 100%
    CEH: Professional Hacking Booz Allen Annapolis, MD 88%
    CEH: Professional Hacking Boot Camp Redwood City, CA 100%
    MCITP 2008: EA Upgrade Boot Camp Atlanta, GA 100%