IT Security and Computer Training in Boise, Idaho

We don't have any Boise dates on our current schedule, but check out our full course calendar for other Western US locations and dates. If you have 10+ students and would prefer an onsite, another option is for us to come to Boise, ID and run the course for your organization.

IT Security and Computer Training

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"I've been to a lot of IT classes before, but I've never had an instructor as knowledgeable and down to earth as Scott. He explained things in a fashion that everyone seemed to relate to, provided quick answers to questions, and pushed all of us to stay on track, do our best and reach our goal of learning the material and gaining the prestigious CCVP certification! He made it very clear day 1 that his job was to get the material in our heads and the certification in our hands and he takes his job very seriously. I can only hope to have him again in a future class!"
InfoSec Institute Student