Cisco Training Courses in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is a great city and we hope to run courses in Philadelphia live at some point. As of now, the best option is to attend one of our DC training boot camps. We are constantly running courses out of DC, so pick a date convenient for you. If that doesn't work we do have online courses and onsites (if you can get a group of 10 people together).

Intense School offeres a variety of Cisco classes and certifications:


We are a Cisco Learning Partner and utilize experienced trainers with proven success rates. The objective of all our Cisco Boot Camps is certification, and our methodology is geared towards a high success rate for passing the certification exams.

Call us at 877-290-9507 for current pricing and discounts for Cisco Courses.
"Excellent instructor. Great with teaching theory and practice. I thought the course material was very interesting and well put together."
Orlando M. Betancourt
Raytheon Solipsys