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Optional Self-Paced Pre-Study Course

When you sign up for some select instructor-led boot camps, you'll have the option of adding the self-paced online course as a precursor to your class. This is a complete course that comes at a nominal price but gives you the following benefits:

1. Come to class prepared
Increased preparation for certification or skills-based training. Find out what you know, what you don't know, prior to attending the classroom-based training. Our boot camps are very fast-paced, the online pre-study course can alleviate any concerns you may have about keeping up with all aspects.

2. Make your boot camp more productive
Focus all your time in-class with an expert instructor on topics that are more difficult to master

3. Improve your chance of certification success
Extends the total amount of time spent learning and preparing by a great deal (as much as 50% additional learning time as compared to no pre study course)

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